Places to visit in Scarborough


Scarborough sea front

  • Scarborough is home to many fantastic attractions, especially for a great family outing. The city features ample ways to make your children amused.
  • Scarborough is the better place to visit for a few weeks in the summer vacation for its spectacular coastal location.
  • There is an extensive selection of many attractions to go for during your holiday. With a beautiful seafront and lovely sandy beaches, Scarborough welcomes you to enjoy a typical beach holiday.

Places to visit in Scarborough Ontario:


  • A visit to the Scarborough Sea Life and Marine Sanctuary at North Bay will worth your summer holiday. The location offers a magical experience for children and allows you understand the underwater world of sea life.
  • You will be able to see and explore 150 different species of fish, starfish, crab and walk through an underwater tunnel with otters, penguins and sharks swimming overhead.
  • Octopus Garden is new for this year. And, you will see a lot of rescued seal pups at the place that will be returned to the natural habitat.

What to do in Scarborough:

Scarborough Beauty

  • Pesky Husky is a unique attraction trekking center offering you an exclusive experience. If you are a hardy tourist, then you will love sledging with the huskies.
  • During summer, you are allowed to ‘meet and greet’, walk and cycle trek with animals! Dogs are there to make children interacted and paid attention.
  • You will have a real and enjoyable husky trekking, without visiting the snow-laden forests of Canada.
  • No matter which time you choose for holiday outing, Scarborough has something interesting for everyone when on vacation.

Distance from Downtown Toronto:

Scarborough City

Scarborough is less than 30km from Toronto. You will take just 20 minutes by road to get in there.

Can-ar Bus facility: Can-Ar Coach has a bus service from Toronto that better serves the transportation needs of people to Scarborough.

Can-ar coach bus timings for Scarborough:

(1) For North bound
Mon-Sat: 17:30
Sun: 20:00

(2) For Southbound
Mon-Sat: 11:45
Sun: 18:20


To Download Can-arcoach bus services timings schedule click here.

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