Things to do in Scarborough

Scarborough is a city located to the east of Toronto and is considered to be a part of the city of Toronto. This is one place that is has a great number of attractions and is popular place for things to do in both summer and winter. This city has been named after a city in North Yorkshire, England. There are many places in Scarborough to visit.

Scarborough bluffs

Popular in Scarborough:

Scarborough Lake

Scarborough has a great many attractions and tourist places to keep everyone busy and occupied at any time of the year. The Scarborough Historical Museum as well as is the Thomson Memorial Park, Corrigans Bingo. Here is more information about the attractions.

  • Arts and Culture: Scarborough is home to one of the best playhouses is Canada. Theater is a big thing in Scarborough; having hosted many different kind of shows from murder mysteries to drama shows. To top it all they offer student priced tickets all year round.
  • Museum Scarborough: The Scarborough museum which is located in Thompson Memorial Park showcases the rich history and culture of Scarborough. It provides a good insight into how the city was developed.
  • Toronto Zoo: The Toronto Zoo located in Scarborough is home to 5000 and more species. The zoo provides a good place to learn more about the animals and the environment. Besides this it is also a good place for a family’s day out.
  • Parks: Scarborough has a number of open green spaces like the Scarborough Bluffs which runs for 14 kilometers along the lake Ontario. These provide a good scenic view other activities like boat rides.

Distance from Toronto:

Scarborough Seafront

Scarborough is about 30km from Toronto which means that it would take approximately 20 minutes to get there by road.

Can-ar Bus facility:

Can-Ar Coach has a very good bus service from Toronto. This bus service caters to the people who need to travel to Scarborough.

Can-arcoach bus timings for Scarborough:

(1) For North bound
Mon-Sat: 17:30

(2) For Southbound


To Download Can-arcoach bus services timings schedule click here.

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