Fall Colors in Ontario

Fall Colors in Ontario

Falls is a very colorful season in the Northern Hemisphere. The nature servers up some fantastic colors with the plants and the trees for you to admire. The entire of Ontario is converted in this colorful place and it is all natural. These are all seasonal colors and can be admired the best at the following locations in Ontario.

Algonquin Provincial Park:

Algonquin Provincial Park

Canadian’s oldest national park, Algonquin is located ni Ontario. During the Autumn season this place is transformed into a breathtaking spectacular of endless foliage. It almost give a kaleidoscopic effect with so many colorful plants all around you. This happens every year from mid-September onwards till mid-October. Some of the plants that appear extremely colorful during this time are the Sugar and Red Maples, the Red Oaks, Aspens and the Tamaracks too. Two different forests unit here, the northern coniferous forest and the southern deciduous forest. This causes a fabulous mixture of colorful trees and plants that defiantly worth seeing.

Niagara Parkway:

Niagara Parkway

The scenic road along Fort Erie (near the Peace Bridge) crosses the Niagara Peninsula, and goes past the Niagara Falls upper rapids and Horse Shoe Falls. It wraps around the Whirlpool Rapids. Further up the road curves and swerves with a colorful display of plant at every turn and curve. More and larger spectrum of autumn colors await you along this picturesque road. This has to be one of the greatest road trips which ends on the Niagara-On-The-Lake, One of the Canada’s largest wine producers. It is little wonder that this is called one of the most scenic routes in Southern Ontario.

Bruce Trail:

Bruce Trail

The Bruce Trail is a hiking trail where you can been up close and personal with the nature’s splendor. This hiking trail is an excellent way to admire the changing foliage. It passes through Southern and Central Ontario and is the perfect location to observe mother nature at its best.

Agawa Canyon:

Agawa Canyon

The Agawa Canyon was created a long time ago (1.2 billion years ago) as the Canadian Shield faulted. It is a fairly shallow canyon and it encompasses the Great Lakes – St. Lawrence Forest Region and the Boreal Forest. Happens to be the largest forest region in Canada. This display of awesome colors can be views perfectly from the Agawa Canyon Trail Tour on the Algoma Central Railway. As it so happens the Canyon Wildlife park is only accessible by railway or by hiking and offers sweeping panoramas of brightly colored leaves and waterfalls as well as wildlife sightings.

Prince Edward County:

The Prince Edward county is located at two hour drive from Toronto. It is a far cry form the smoke filled streets of Toronto however. It showcases a beautiful backdrop of fall jewel colors. This place is also known for its burgeoning wineries and a thriving gastronomic scene. But that is not all. This place has many great places to stay as well and it is surely worth a stop over here. You can witness the fascinating process of making maple syrup on your visit to the several sugar shacks here.

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