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Niagara Falls

Niagara is one of the few destination in the world that attracts people of all ages. Besides the obvious attraction being the wonderful Niagara waterfalls, Niagara has a lot to offer and hence this place records a great number of visitors all throughout the year. As it happens, the Niagara Falls is located in both Canada and USA. The Canadian part of the Niagara Falls is a big bigger than the one in USA. Here is a short list of the many amazing activities on offer around Niagara:

Outdoor Activities: To start with the Niagara Falls itself is a magnificent sight that can hardly be described with words. You can get up close too by taking a boat ride all the way under it. The entire place is very scenic hence hiking is very popular too. There is a path along the river that will be quite the adventure besides providing even more magnificent views. There is also more to explore further in Niagara on the lake and Queenston Heights and many trails in the several Parks close by. If you are looking short hike then you have that at Niagara Glenn, which too is a lovely walking trial.

Vineyards: The vineyards here are also very popular and there are many of them. There are several vineyards in the vicinity and many of them also have bed and breakfast facilities. You even have the option of taking the wine tour that start downtown and includes visiting several wineries in the area. You will also have the opportunity to sample a few wines at these wineries. If you are lucky enough to visit during the months of either September, January or June you will be able to witness the wine festival on at the time where you will be served all kinds of wines like Ice Wine, New Vintage, etc. It is a complete wine and dine experience, the best of its kind.

Animals: Niagara is a true nature’s wonder. This extends to the animal kingdom as well. The Butterfly conservatory is located near the botanical garden houses thousands of butterflies. The Blue Morpho butterfly is one of the more popular ones there. Besides which you can enjoy the company of many different species of birds in the bird kingdom located downtown.

Entertainment: There is a special festival of lights in Winter at Niagara called the Winter Festival of Lights. This includes fireworks and display of millions of lights. Besides this there is also a casino close by which has a lot to offer. The Sky wheel located close to the falls offers a good view of the falls too.

The best way to get there:

It has been established that motor coach travel is the safest modes of transportation in Canada, it is also a fact that Can-Ar has taken the safety standards a notch upwards. They are proud to be leading in the safety standards. From the assurance of the Driver to the maintenance of the Coach they leave no stone upturned. It is little surprise that Can-Ar Coach is one of the few who are very popular and for so long. They organize several tours, the Niagara Falls tour from Toronto is one of them. The fact of the matter is that Can-Ar coach has been operating the Coach Service in North America since over 35 years now and that too with a fleet of 40 luxury tour coaches.

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Lopez Nora

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A perfect weekend trip to Niagara falls


Traveling and touring just seem to be built into our system. We tend to require a good break or get-away from our routine work on a regular basis. This is due to the busy life we lead now-a-days. It helps us relax and set our minds on something else besides the work at hand. This has proved to make people more efficient as well. Weekend breaks do just that. They take your mind off the current issues and problems and help you relax more. Niagara falls is one such place that has the potential of providing you with a good refreshing break. Besides a trip to Niagara falls from Toronto can be the perfect weekend trip to boost up your spirits. But how do you make it even more special. It is by getting there in style. It is a quick drive and many prefer to drive down than taking a coach. But taking the coach can prove to be more sensible at times especially after a tiring long weekend trip.

As the saying goes ‘it is not where you are going but it is how you get there’. Thus planning a trip to Niagara is one thing but actually getting there is another ball game all together. But it does not have to be that complicated. Booking a trip to and fro from Niagara falls is just a phone call away in fact. A Niagara falls tour from Toronto can be booked in many ways. Can-Ar Coach Service provides such a service of tours in the Niagara region. In fact Can-Ar Coach specialize in school tours, corporate tours, convention/meeting planners, private tours, local touring and much more. The have been transporting people fulfilling everyone’s needs to get from one place to another in at most luxury since about 35 years now. They in fact are the leader in the group travel market in south Ontario including Niagara falls too. They have a modern set of coaches that provide a reliable, memorable and safe journey to and fro.

About Author:-

Lopez Nora

Lopez Nora

Hi I am Lopez Nora. I am a Freelance Writer and I write topics on various Topics like Science,Entertainment, Real Estate and Travel tips. Follow me on Twitter, on Google +Lopez, on StumbleUpon and/or become a friend on Facebook.



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